The Tibetan Mastiff is an ancient domestic breed dog with its origins from Asia. The females grow up to 71cm and weigh up to 65kg while the males can be as big as 76cm and weigh up to 73kg.

This massive dog comes in blue gray,white, black, brown, black & tan, brown & tan and red gold colors. The intelligent beast is quite stubborn and strong willed and of course protective like every dog. The Mastiff's lifespan is 10-14 years.

This four-legged furry mass has also been dubbed "The world's Most expensive Dog" as an 11 month old Mastiff pup was sold for $1,500, 000 to a coal baron. Puppies have been known to retail for $870,000. This 'lion-dog'' is the ultimate status symbol in China and other parts of Asia and they are being exported regularly to other parts of the world including down-under Australia.

Traditionally the tibetan mastiffs were used as guard dogs infact Genghis Khan was claimed to have kept them. Today to have this fuzzy beast guard your home, you will have to be a strong dominant owner as they are not overly domesticated. You wouldn't want this animal to tackle or bite you at all.
The Lion- Dog
For people with allergies, fret not. The Mastiff sheds its coat only once a year, but good luck in giving it a bath ;)

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